How I survive medical school ?

I get a whole lot of questions from people how on earth I survived med school? Busy but look so darn chill HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

During my first 2 years in med school , I thought ohh boy the stress is so overwhelmed and I felt that I pretty much know what does it mean by “busy” in med school . So well I thought I knew .


I barely survive my first clinical year . BARELY PEOPLE , BARELY ! 

Alhamduillah I passed and currently half way through my 4th year but looking back my 1st year in clinical (which is during 3rd year) , I was like HOW ON EARTH I SURVIVED ? 

well that’s my answer to you . I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW I SURVIVE . I JUST DID . THAT’S ALL.

I start my clinical year at Obstetrics and Gynecology posting as the first unlucky one to present case to the lecturer . I don’t even know what case I should I take , how to clerk a patient , how to arrange my history of presenting illness and I have no freaking idea the right way to perform a physical examination to a pregnant lady .

The night before the case presentation , I was thinking to myself that i am totally a DEAD MEAT TOMORROW .To top it off , I just realized my lecturer is the HEAD OF DEPARTMENT . 


So I was preparing myself to be immune with all the scolding and babbling from my lecturer . I thought things would be bad tomorrow but whatever . Just make it through. But I was sooooooooo wrong . The lecturer was soooooooo nice , I could not believe I make myself think the worst case scenario . A very humble kind soft spoken doctor . I have so much respect towards him ever since . Well my case presentation was bad OBVIOUSLY but he didn’t go crazily mad , he just motivate me and teach me to clerk the right way . FUHHHH what an experience !

Then I enter Internal Medicine posting . None stop class , pack from day to night . Class ends around 10pm or 11pm ? That’s nothing people . I remember one time the class was so pack , the only time I can breathe was when I rush back home just to give myself a fast yet relaxing bath because my body was so sticky throughout the day and rush to the next 8pm class . But that is nothing till it’s time for my final posting exam . I freaked out like I was chased by a dog when I get a damn hardcore case .NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER JUST SO U KNOW . Every medical student wish they would never get neurological disorder for exam HAHAHA

A young patient presented to the ward with quadriparesis ( muscle weakness on whole body) . I don’t even meet one case like this throughout my 8 weeks in Internal Medicine . AGAIN , IM A DEAD MEAT ! I feel like why this is happening to me ? When it comes to presenting my case to the examiner , I was just praying I make it through . That’s all . I don’t care if I managed to answer the question or not . If I survive , im going to belanja myself a very expensive meal LOL (ok maybe KFC cheezy wedges would do )


I don’t even know why but the night before , I was just lightly reading through that particular disease without even knowing I get that case tomorrow . So when I get that case , I was trying sooooo hard to recall back all the details from the disease . NEURON PLEASE WORK EXTRA HARD TODAY PLEASE ! And the exam went well to my surprise . Just that when my examiner asked me about another disease , Im just being honest and tell her that I don’t have a clue what that disease is . She was testing me how wide my knowledge is but fuhhh alhamdulillah she said I pass don’t worry .

I remember I told one of my 5th year senior about the case I get for my exam and he just laughed and was like ‘kau buat lawak ke apa?” Obviously im not . and next thing he only said “memang bukan rezeki kau lah weh hahaha” pffttt well thank you very much for the motivation .

Then there was Surgery posting . I was never a fan of surgery . Operation theatre is definitely a place i would try my best to avoid . But you can choose what posting you wanna go for . So 8 weeks of Surgery posting was not easy for me . Then final exam posting come . Seriously there was a whole lot of blank face , silent mode during discussion time . From all the questions i was asked i managed to answer a few of the questions only . INSIDE I WAS LIKE IM SCREWED !

But alhamdulillah i managed to pull it through. Finding out i passed my surgery posting was like a miracle send from heaven . seriously .

 I NEED TO BE MORE POSITIVE . AND DEFINITELY NEED TO THANK GOD MORE AND MORE AND MY PARENTS TOO . My parents were fasting the day of my examination . I would never make it through without my parent’s blessing .

So yah that’s just some snippet of my survival story in medical school . There are far worse experience I faced but one thing for sure ,you need to have those positive thoughts ALWAYS . Regardless what course you take . My brother went through 4 years of learning mechanical engineering and I think his amount of stress is far worse than mine and IM NOT EVEN JOKING HERE . So heads up to those who survive and to those who is still struggling like me , having end of posting of exam for my psychiatry posting next week , well BEST OF LUCK FOR US !

"How hard it is to study medicine?"

Medical school actually taught me that you never know your strength until you stand back after you failed . People thought like uuuu budak medik mesti budak straight A . Hmmm sorry to say but im not . I cant really blame people though because it's kind of the sceptical mind we had . I pretty much score average for my spm . I was never the big achiever back when i was in secondary school but i know i wanted to be a doctor .

Boy oh boy , you never know how it feels until you actually go through the situation . I know taking medicine is hard and to top it off , if you didnt secured any scholarship and your parents had to pay for school fee , you know how tense it is . I'm not from a rich family and to pay for school fee was pretty much a struggle for my dad . Once i cried so bad on the phone while talking to my mum apologizing to her and my dad repeatedly for burdening them so much and my mum said " study well and achieve your dream . That's all we asked from you . Rezeki di tangan tuhan inshaallah ada je jangan risau " i did secured loan from jpa but it's a complicated story why at the end i turn it down .

My first year in egypt i dont considered it to be that hard because study was okay but to blend with the environment , it takes time . That's it . But when i transfer credit to malaysia , man im telling you how hard i tried i am still at the bottom of the class . My first year in medical school in malaysia , i had around 6 tests to take before taking final . I only pass 1 out of 6 . Yes just so you have the idea how tough it was . So because test was a struggle for me , final was a lot worse . I never felt that stressful in my whole life . But alhamdulillah after a lot of babbling from mama telling me to change the way i study , i pass my first year . 

Second year was tougher than first year . But i did told myself that if you didnt scored well , dont cry and lose focus but redha and do better next tests .i taught myself to be more positive ( Stress and negative thoughts will only lead you to depression )So i did , and that was the first time since secondary school i didn't study until the last minutes and keep up with my own words haha . One thing i learn from medical school is actually to never compare your result with other . If you want to compare to boost your study mood then you may do so but if you compare and just make you lose focus and feel down , then dont . You know yourself better !

Alhamdulillah i pass my second year and to be honest with you , i feel more calm amd ready for my professional exam and the fact that this exam is more tougher , it's actually a prove to myself that university is not school , you can't never study last minute . 

So anyone who consider to take medicine as your course option , i'm not trying to scared you but just bare in mind , no matter what course you take , the amount of stress that you have to go through is pretty much similar . Just never give up and never underestimate your ability !