it was turning point in my life when ...

A story i wrote during a week before spm . enjoy :)

It was a turning point in my life when he left me with no words. We tied our knot since December 2012. Everything seemed happy from the beginning. We were so in love with each other. I remembered the day when i met those beautiful hazel eyes.It was in Royal Botanic Garden , a beautiful place for me to find peace and calmness when suddenly i heard a voice of man singing a song called Leaving On A Jetplane accompanied by the melody of the acoustic guitar. The melody with his voice touched my deepest heart as i was just in a fight with my dearest friend , Katherine. Plus , it was my favourite song.

"Tik tok , tik tok , tik tok " . The clock kept ticking, I am back in reality. It was already 12 in the midnight. It was freezing and i covered myself with his favourite blanket , the one that i sewed by myself. He never went home late not even once because he promised me from the day he proposed to me that he will never left me with no words. Suddenly , my phone vibrated and produced the melody of Leaving On A Jetplane. " Hello , who is this ?" . Then , i heard a man's voice over the phone. Ater hearing what he said in return , the phone fell right to the ground. Tears started to fall and i could not think anything else on that particular time but only Adam.

I rushed to the King George V Hospital and straight away went to the intensive care unit. He was lying weakly at the white bed sheet. His face was pale and when he saw me , he just grip my hand tightly like he never wanted to let me go . He was weak and he could not speak a word at that moment. I just hugged him with my tears falling down with non stop. At the end , his heartbeat stopped. It was a sign for me to stop embracing him. Without even a notice , someone touched my hand. When i turned back it was Susan , my mother.

His grave was buried next to his parents. What could i say ? I never thought even once in my life that he will left me for good. "Kring!". The sound of the doorbell woke me up. When i opened the door , i saw an old postman , Mr Brian. He had been our postman since the day we moved to this house . Mr Brian always remembered this white stunning house because the landscape of the house was exactly the same with Royal Botanic Garden. Adam planned all of this before we got married.. "Here is a letter for you" said Mr Brian. Then he left with only a smile.Why did he smile? Did he know that Adam just left to heaven?

That was weird. It was a pink envelope with two sheets of blue paper.How did the writer know that i loved those two colours? . I opened the letter slowly.

My sweetheart Eve ,

i never wanted for us to be seperated but honey , God knows

the best for both of us. I never left you not even once.Remember

that i might leave you alone in this reality but not in your most

sincere heart. Did you remember when we were seating there

by the water and you put your arms around me for the first time.

You are the best thing that's ever been mine. Honey , you've got

that smile that only heaven can meet . I pray to God everyday that

you kept that smile.I want those sweetest smile to never stop

ppearing in your life. You are my dreams and there is not a thing

i want do . I gave my life all for you because you are my dream.

Honey , maybe you think i'm cruel but i only knew that i

was diagnosed with stomach cancer three weeks before . That's

why i never eat what you cooked for me. If i could i want to taste

all those food before i said goodbye. I do not want you to cry before

i am gone because i wanted you to remember me every single day

after i left. Do not cry because i could not wipe your tears.Go ahead

with your brand new life. I have always been right next to you becayse

i lived in your heart and never said goodbye.Keep holding on cause

you know you will make it through. Just stay strong cause you know i

am here for you. Find your new strength and chase your dream.

"Cause i'm leaving on a jetplane.

i dont know when i'll be back again,

Oh babe i hate to go "



I was devastated every single day before i received those letter two weeks later. Now i realized that he want me to move on with life , be strong and never give up. It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you, wishing i realized what i had when u were mine.Iwish i can go back to December turn around and make it alright, He showed me what living is for and i dont want to hide anymore. 25th of December, afresh new start in my life. Now i realized that when all you got to do is being strong and move along.Eventhough your hope is gone , move along just to make it through.Now i own an AdamEve Cafe and had been popular since it was opened.Thank you Adam for showing me the new side of life.

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