"How hard it is to study medicine?"

Medical school actually taught me that you never know your strength until you stand back after you failed . People thought like uuuu budak medik mesti budak straight A . Hmmm sorry to say but im not . I cant really blame people though because it's kind of the sceptical mind we had . I pretty much score average for my spm . I was never the big achiever back when i was in secondary school but i know i wanted to be a doctor .

Boy oh boy , you never know how it feels until you actually go through the situation . I know taking medicine is hard and to top it off , if you didnt secured any scholarship and your parents had to pay for school fee , you know how tense it is . I'm not from a rich family and to pay for school fee was pretty much a struggle for my dad . Once i cried so bad on the phone while talking to my mum apologizing to her and my dad repeatedly for burdening them so much and my mum said " study well and achieve your dream . That's all we asked from you . Rezeki di tangan tuhan inshaallah ada je jangan risau " i did secured loan from jpa but it's a complicated story why at the end i turn it down .

My first year in egypt i dont considered it to be that hard because study was okay but to blend with the environment , it takes time . That's it . But when i transfer credit to malaysia , man im telling you how hard i tried i am still at the bottom of the class . My first year in medical school in malaysia , i had around 6 tests to take before taking final . I only pass 1 out of 6 . Yes just so you have the idea how tough it was . So because test was a struggle for me , final was a lot worse . I never felt that stressful in my whole life . But alhamdulillah after a lot of babbling from mama telling me to change the way i study , i pass my first year . 

Second year was tougher than first year . But i did told myself that if you didnt scored well , dont cry and lose focus but redha and do better next tests .i taught myself to be more positive ( Stress and negative thoughts will only lead you to depression )So i did , and that was the first time since secondary school i didn't study until the last minutes and keep up with my own words haha . One thing i learn from medical school is actually to never compare your result with other . If you want to compare to boost your study mood then you may do so but if you compare and just make you lose focus and feel down , then dont . You know yourself better !

Alhamdulillah i pass my second year and to be honest with you , i feel more calm amd ready for my professional exam and the fact that this exam is more tougher , it's actually a prove to myself that university is not school , you can't never study last minute . 

So anyone who consider to take medicine as your course option , i'm not trying to scared you but just bare in mind , no matter what course you take , the amount of stress that you have to go through is pretty much similar . Just never give up and never underestimate your ability ! 

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